E-sport sur Riders Republic

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E-sport sur Riders Republic

Hello Riders Republic community,

I'm creating this petition to show Ubisoft that there’s a big competitive community in RR,

and that there is a huge lack of tools in the game to create competitive events.

Presenting myself, I am erazzz in the RR community, the vast majority of players know me for 

the competitive events that I organize and the creation of the "POGO CUP".

It is a personal investment both on the organization and on the financial side for cashprizes, the latest being 300 euros,

but im support and helped a lot by players around me. 

I made the decision to highlight this kind of events because there was a big demand from the regular players.

We recently saw efforts from the Ubisoft structure for the competitive side of the game 

with the Massraces without collisions which are unfortunately ephemeral and relatively rare. 

This greatly frustrates competitive players, because it is impossible to know in advance when they are set up 

and therefore rarely present for competitive tournaments that are organized for this Massrace format.

The leaderboard for career races and tricks is very positive, they brought even more competitive players into the community,

which proves once again this demand for high level competitiveness.

Currently POGO tournaments are the only truly competitive events, 

where players compete live against other players in the Riders Republic community.

The vast majority of the best players in the game are present and support these POGO tournaments, 

despite the risks of launching several groups in the same Massrace.

We would like to be able to speak directly with an important Ubisoft member who could listen to our feedback 

and our desire to bring more competitiveness to the game through tools that would help create e-sport 

on Riders Republic.

We focus on : 

a no-collisions mode for all Massraces. Indispensable for competition based on race times 

as we can see on a game like Trackmania.

A spectator mode like we had on "STEEP" would also be very useful for tournaments based on career races 

as well as for the Massraces.

Increase clan capacity, some communities like "Dagg" are very large and need to create

a second clan for the same community.

We hope that this request will be taken seriously with the support I am asking of the community.

Sign if you also think that Ubisoft should quickly help us create competition on Riders Republic as quickly as possible,

and think about sharing to the maximum of the Riders Republic community.

Thanks for support 

POGO erazzz

Auteur : K. Gullo

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